Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Sheepish Finish...

So, In the Under the Sea Fabrics Facebook Group (Please join!), we are doing a Stitch a Long/ Pass It Forward of Lady Lazarus by Monster Bubbles since it's out of print.  Recently, I realized I hadn't posted a picture of my finish in the Sal Album.  I pulled her out and realized I hadn't actually finished her!  Four of the words weren't stitched!  So I hastily searched for the thread I used in the words and spent all day Saturday finishing them up.

Here's the finished picture:

The frame is a cool, nautical rope frame I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  It had a mirror in it.  I'll take a better picture and post the conversion when I finish framing her.

I've been working a bit on Quaker Gone Tropic the last couple of days.  Still chugging along on the giant orange motif but I skipped over to work on the motif in the top Left corner.  It's a dragonfly and flowers.  Here's the dragonfly and his flower :)

He's so cute!  TTFN!