Mermaid of the Pearls with Red/Pink Color Conversion

Mermaid of the Pearls by Mirabilia stitched on 32 ct lugana Solo from Silkweavers.

I was trying to make her look like she was swimming through an ocean of pink champagne as that is what the fabric reminded me of.  That is why all of her bubbles are pink.
Color Conversion:

Original Color -----> Changed Color
B5200                        White
B5200-772                 White-Rosebud Belle Soie
340                             Was not used
341                             Was not used
356-758                      Unchanged
413                             Kaylie's Cranberries Threadworx #011583
413-414                      Grape Waterlilies
414-502                      Anchor 72
433                             Sable Waterlilies
434                             3862
435                             433
436                             898
503                             Shiraz Dinky Dyes
754                             Unchanged
758                             Unchanged
772                             Rosebud Belle Soie (Chart calls for 2 DMC, only 1 skein of the silk is needed)
772-3813                    Very Berry Threadworx #01005
898                             3371
930                             814**
931                             814**
932                             Raspberry-Lined crystal AB Miyuki size 15/0 **
948                             Unchanged
3607                           Was not used
3608                           Was not used
3609                           Was not used
3609-3747                  Was not used
3747                           Was not used
3750                           Cerise Noir Silk'N Colors
3752                           Was not Used
101 #4 VFB               Mill Hill 42042
684 #4 VFB               024HL #4 VFB (2 spools needed)
1432 #$ VFB             Mill Hill 42024 (about 3 packages needed)
MH 02010                 Mill Hill 00161
MH 02025                 MH 02012
MH 03021                 MH 03041
MH 03055                 Was not used
MH 05147                 Assorted Swarovski and Fresh Water Pearls
MH 12072                 Swarovski 14mm Crystal AB Shell
MH 13003                 MH 13006

**In the cascade of pearls, I subbed Raspberry-Lined crystal AB Miyuki size 15/0  for 930,931, and 932.  On her body, those are stitched with DMC 814.  In the bubbles, the 931 is subbed for Raspberry-Lined crystal AB Miyuki size 15/0, the 932 is subbed for MH 42024, the 1432 # 4 VFB is subbed for MH 42042 and the white is subbed for MH 00161.  Because I did not stitch the large fin on her back or the many streamers and sashes, some colors were not used.

Changes I would make:
     I would just use Shiraz to sub for both 503 and 772-3813 as Very Berry Threadworx is very close to the Shiraz in color
     I would just use the Cerise Noir to sub for both 414-502 and 3750 so you get more use out of the silk (both colors are similar .)

     I would just use Kaylie's Cranberries Threadworx to sub for both 413-414 and 413 as the colors are close and I think the Threadworx works with the rest of the colors better.  (Plus, then you don't need to buy the Grapes Waterlilies).

     I would use Mill Hill 00479 instead of 03041 because I think the opaque bead would stand out better next to the crystal beads and work better with the pearls.  I just had a ton of 03041 so that is what I used.

Mermaid of the Pearls (Persephone) was started on 25 December 2011 and completed on 27 April 2012.  Stitched by Leslie LaFleur.

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