Mary's Sampler and Mary's Sampler II

Here are pics and thread conversions for Mary's Sampler and Mary's Sampler II by Plum Street Samplers.  The chart is a mystery stitch SAL freebie and can be found HERE.  I am stitching them on Witching Hour New Castle by Under the Sea Fabrics with a variety of cotton threads.

Parts One through Four

Original Color  (Gentle Arts Sampler Threads)                 My Color Choice
Old Hickory                                                                      Same
Portabella                                                                         Sable ( Gentle Arts)
Brandy                                                                              Pecan (Weeks Dye Works)
Grecian Gold                                                                     Whisky (Weeks Dye Works)
Piney Woods                                                                    Still Undecided
Shaker White                                                                    White Wash (Weeks Dye Works)
Wood Smoke                                                                    Flax (Gentle Arts)
Espresso Bean                                                                   Pelican Grey (Weeks Dye Works)
Adobe                                                                               DMC 3773
Wood Trail                                                                        Maple Syrup (Gentle Arts)
Heirloom Gold                                                                   Brown Sugar (Crescent Colors)
Mulberry                                                                            Pomegranate (Gentle Arts)

Changes in Individual Parts:
Mary's Hair (Part One): Kris' Bon Bon (Weeks Dye Works)
Joseph's Staff (Part One): Maple Syrup
Angel's Wings (Part 4): Pebble (Gentle Arts)
Dark Brown in Large Star (Part 4): Molasses ((Weeks Dye Works)

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