Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Stitch Maynia, Disney World, and a Plea for Help!

Hello All!  I'm going to try to make a goal to post once a month... we'll see how that goes...

First off, I have a finish!  I finished Get Kraken!

It's stitched on Looking Glass 40 ct Opal New Castle from Under the Sea Fabrics.  I LOVE how it came out!  It's already at my framer.  Funny Story about this one.... I intended to finish it on our road trip to Disney World (14+ hours in the car each way means lots of stitching time) but I left the threads at home... so I started Sea Hag by Plum Street Samplers!

By my calculations, once I complete the stitching on the ship, I will have reached the half way point.

I'm stitching Sea Hag on Winterbrok 40 ct Opal New Castle by Under the Sea Fabrics and converting it to silks (mostly Belle Soie) in grays and blues.

I also finished the hair for Aphrodite Mermaid.  I haven't done anything past her hair because I'm to her skin and feel like I need to have a couple of days to concentrate for the over-one skin.

I love the blues and I'm subbing fuchsias for the greens.  I think her hair looks a bit like Hades's hair in the Disney Hercules movie.

And this week I finished the cross stitch on the octopus from Octopus Treasure Cave.

He's pretty handsome!  A lot of confetti though. Up next: beading and backstitch.   After that I have 3 squishies and a couple of fish and backstitching the border.  Then finis!

Here's my Ursula stuff from Disney...

The pins to the left aren't Ursula but are cross stitch.  I thought they were super cool!

I got a few things back from the framer last month.

Side Note: My framer, Joe, is AMAZING!  My Salem Remembered came out so cool!

And I also got back my Wingless Azaela Pixie:

And the Stitched Model of my Under the Sea Fabrics Logo.  This will be available eventually as a chart or kit.

And lastly, a plea for help!  I'm searching for this pattern: Mystic Sampler by Primitive Needle.  It's OOP and I have both companion pieces.

If you're willing to sell, trade or loan, please let me know!