Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Persephone's Pearls!

Hello All!  I hope everyone who is reading this is in good health and good spirits!  I've made a lot of progress recently and I can't wait to show it off!

I finished Part 4 of Deep Blue Sea rather quickly.  It didn't have a whole lot to it but I'm betting the next 8 parts have a lot! 

I did not backstitch the oyster shells yet.  I think I want to backstitch them in long stitched with two strands and I don't think those will hold up well under the q-snap clamps.

I also finally finished all of the stitching on Persephone and started beading.  I'm thinking it will take several weeks to sew all of the beads, pearls and crystals on her.

She doesn't photograph well at all.  I tried a flash and natural light but this is still the best I could get.  Here is a close up of the fresh-water pearls in her hair.

I love the mauve pearls!  They sync so well with the colors!

I saw today I have officially 54 followers!  Now I get to offer as a prize a Stitcher's Eighth of hand-dyed fabric!  I'm still not sure how I will run the contest quite yet but I will let yal know in my next post.  TTFN!


  1. Deep Blue Sea is just beautiful! And MotP... What can I say? I love the pearls! Love the changes you've made to her. Stunning!