Monday, November 12, 2012

Survey Results!

Hello All!  Sorry it's been while since I posted!  It took me hours to compile the results of the survey!  I had 43 people comment on the blogpost itself and about 25 separate emails and Facebook messages so here we go!...

1. What type of needles do you like using the most?

29% of us prefer Bohin, mostly in 28s and 26s.
24% prefer John in 28s or 26s.  One person specified Gold ones and another Platinum!
9% prefer Pieceakers.
9% prefer either 26s or 28s without caring about the brand or type.
29% of us just don't care or chose a brand of needle no one else chose, such as DMC, Anchor and Permin.

I use size 28 Bohins for all silks and cottons and I use size 26 Bohins for metallic braids and perle cottons/silks.
2.  Q-Snaps, Scroll Rods, Hoops, or In Hand?
39% of us prefer Q-Snaps some or all of the time.
24% prefer stitching in hand. 
24% also prefer scroll rods.
12% perfer hoops.
1% prefer something different, like mats, Millinium frames, and stretcher bars.
I prefer my scroll rods but tend toward q-snaps because they're more portable and I carry projects everywhere.
3.  What are your favorite scissors?
An astonishing 55% of us had no scissor brand preference!!!!  Most of the answers were "Something pointy and sharp" with "whatever cuts" as second.
19% of us like Ginghers.
17% prefer Dovos
5% like Fiskars
4% prefer Cotton Candy Scissors. 
I have gone through 3 pairs of Cotton Candy scissors and I LOVE them!  They are very thin and sharp but they dull easily.  I have 2 pairs of the Gingher designer series: Alicia and Jennifer.  I also have the Jennifers in 8" Dressmaking Shears and I love them too.  I'm almost terrified of losing my Ginghers so I usually carry around the Cotton Candy scissors.
4.  Do you save your orts?  If yes, what kind of container do you use?
34% of us said we do not save our orts.
66% said yes we do!
The types of containers used include vases, cookie tins, chocolate tins, iPad boxes, cardboard boxes and a souveneir glass from the house of blues.  But most people use jars.
I use three things to save my orts.  When I'm at home, I use a heavy Waterford Glass vase I was given as a wedding gift.  Here at my parents' house and when I'm travelling about, I use two ort holders that friends have made me.  The first has a little pin cushion and hangs off the side of a table or chair and was made by my friend Jenny.  The second is a little fold down triangle made by my friend Patsy.
5.  What type of needle threader do you use if you use one?
Most of us don't use a needle threader!  Those that do use the Loran, DMC or "cheap" threaders from the notions aisle.  I use a clover needle threader (only for metallics) and I love it!  It's kind of pricey for a needle threader but it is worth it!
6.  Do you use a pin cushion?
We were split 50/50 on the pin cushions.  Those that do not use a pin cushion tended towards magnets and needle minders.  And while I use those things to hold the needle being used right then on a project, I use a pin cushion to hold my scissors and pre-threaded needles for other colors I will be using in the section I'm working on.  I even collect pin cushions!  Here is a pic of two of my pin cushions holding my Ginghers.
Do you have a favorite special tool?
Everyone's special tool was different?  The few repeats included the Dololly, Star De-Tailor, scissor fobs, magnets, needle minders, and froggers.  I LOVE my froggers made by Amanda at The Stitch Menagerie!  I tend to frog as much as I stitch so they are a must have for me!  I just received two new ones recently!
Do you use Highlighers to highlight your chart?  Something different?  Nothing at all?
An overwhelming number of us use highlighters.  Those who don't use colored pencils and one person uses a felt-tip marker.  Only 3% do not highlight. 
I use two types of highlighters.  I buy mine from Jetpens.  The first ones I love are the Pilot Spotlighter 2 Broad Twin Tip.  LOVE the cream yellow and green.  The tiny tip is perfect for highlighting smaller areas and the ink in these two is light so it's easy to see the highlighted symbols on the chart.  The second I just ordered and I'm playing with are the Monami Essenti Soft Highlighter.  The inks in these are pastel so it's easy to see through the ink to the symbols.
9.  Do you use a special light?
Most of us use special lighting.  For our hobby, we kind of have to!  Most of us use Day Lights or Ott Lights.  I have a small Ott Light for taking to retreats and stuff but at home I use an Ikea lamp than cost me $11.
10. Is there anything special you HAVE to have with you or near you when you stitch? Something you can't stitch without?
I need needles, scissors and light.  I like to have all of my fun gadgets. 
Thank you SO MUCH to those to answered all of my pesky questions!  I really loved learning about other stitchers and also learning about some new tools and tricks to check out and play with!


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