Saturday, March 1, 2014

Slow Progress and New Starts...

Well, I've spent the last two months working hard on Trunk Shows and going to stitching retreats.  I've gotten quite a bit done on Buttercup but it's still sloooooow progress on her skin.

Here's a Close up.  You can really see how tiny and tedious the stitches are.  But SO worth it!

Here is the Christmas gift I'm working on.  It is Earthdancer by Butternut Road and the fabric I'm stitching her on is Midnight Mermaid by Under the Sea Fabrics.  I'm changing a few colors to account for the dark sky and removing the trees so it is only her and the Dream Catcher.

Awhile ago, I showed this little ornie I stitched.  I got it back from my finisher this week and she's so cute!  I love the little beaded hanger!

I went to Fripp Island for a week of stitching and girl time.  Here are a few pics from my trip.

Nora, a print that I fell in love with!

A sand dollar my friend found on the beach and gave me.

And here is the mandatory beach picture.  Check out that sky!  Soooo pretty!



  1. I love it all!! Beautiful stitching !!!

  2. Stunning stunning stitching! The purple is absolutely fantastic and the skin looks incredible!

  3. Buttercup is looking great, pretty colors.
    Earthdancer will look interesting on that fabric, can't wait to see more.
    What a cute little Mermaid stocking.

  4. Great stitching! The print is very striking. I am always in awe of artists who can put so much in a piece of art.