Sunday, September 27, 2015

Finishes Finishes Finishes! And one WIP :)

Life.  Life is killing me softly... in a good way :)  Business is booming, I'm stitching a lot, and just enjoying the final dregs of summer...  I know, it's TECHNICALLY fall but it's still warm and sunny here in Ohio and I'm soaking it in while I can.

In the last month, I've finished two major projects, a model, and two Round Robin Blocks... like I said, stitching A LOT!

So first... Mermaid of Atlantis AKA Salacia is Finis! Done! Finished!  I left off the border and gave her a little Stargazer Treatment!

She is stitched on Midnight Mermaid Opalescent Cashel from Under the Sea Fabrics.  I've already sent her to Jill Rensel Studio and Amber and I have been conspiring on her mats...

Next up: Nora Corbett's Azaela.  Now, you know I had to pluck those wings right off and my friend Karen helped adjust her arm and hand so it was resting on her hip.

How sassy is she?  So cute and fiesty!  She's stitched on Emerald Grotto Opal Cashel from Under the Sea Fabrics.

Next up, I helped out my girl Karen and stitched the model for her July Teeny Weeny Bikini.  These bikinis are adorable and she's working on a bunch!  Check out her Etsy shop Meridian Designs Cross Stitch.

So far she has 5 available to purchase and they come with the beads and charms.  Aren't they adorable?

Karen Also designed the bikinis for our Bikini Round Robin.  I've done two more since I last posted.  They're pretty adorable!

P.S. The Mermaid Bikini is available on her etsy store!!!

I recently spent a small fortune on Salem Remembered by The Primative Needle.  I dyed the fabric the same day it came in the mail and started IMMEDIATELY.  I am OBSESSED!  Not my usual style but I'm loving it!

I haven't named the fabric yet but it will be my Fabric of the Month for November.  I'm already plotting finishing ideas for this one!

Well, TTFN!


  1. Congrats they look great! I love the mermaid the best

  2. The Mermaid is gorgeous on that beautiful fabric.
    Love the Stargazer touches.
    Can't wait to see her framed.
    Azaela is cute too, and very colorful.
    Salem remembered will be awesome.

  3. They are all gorgeous!! Love the Mermaid best though ;)

  4. Love them all but especially the Mermaid....must get mine well as Salem Remembered.

  5. I love your Mermaid Stargazer! Such a great idea and it looks lovely on your fabric too.
    Karen's bikinis are looking good too.