Wednesday, April 20, 2016

So much to do... So little time!

Hey All!  It's been OCTOBER since I posted!  That's crazy!  Since I also haven't posted a Floss Tube video since October, I have a lot to say and so I'll be doing a bit of it here.

First off, Finishes!  Yes!  I have three finishes since October!  (sad isn't it?!?!?)

I finished Salem Remembered by the Primitive Needle on Autumn Edinbugh by Under the Sea Fabrics.

This one is stitched in mostly the called for Silk 'n Colors, one strand over two linen threads.  It is currently at my Framers and we've come up with a super cool frame idea so I'll post that when she comes home.

I also finished Han and Leia by Geekstitches on Etsy.  Stitched this for The Husband and he has it on his desk at work.  This is stitched on Witching Hour Opal Cashel by Under the Sea Fabrics with called for threads.

I framed it myself in a 6 inch Mill Hill Frame.

And Lastly, I finished Always by Lahlah Stitches on Etsy.  I was pretty shook up when Alan Rickman passed away earlier this year and I wanted to honor him...  Not sure yet how I'lll finish this.

It's stitched on Double Dipped Witching Hour Opalescent Edinbugh by Under the Sea Fabrics.

Now for WIPS!  I have 4 projects going right now.  All in various stages of doneness.  I am hoping to finish all 4 of these before the end of summer.  Honestly, If I took a full weekend on each of these first three, they'd be done.

First, Beneath The Sunlit Sky by Blackbird Designs.  This chart was a gift from my Secret Stitcher last year and I started it a few weeks ago.  It is stitched with silks on Buttercup Opalescent Belfast from Under the Sea Fabrics.

The fabric is actually much brighter than shown.  I'll be posting the conversion along with the small mermaid I added when I finish her,

This one is Get Kraken by Ink Circles on Looking Glass Opalescent New Castle By Under the Sea Fabrics,  LOVE this piece!  And SO CLOSE to a finish!

I used the called for Glorianas except for Blue Heron.  That is actually a dead match for my fabric so I subbed Fading Ink by Silk 'n Colors.

This is Chatelaine's Octopus Treasure Cave on Hamlet by Under the Sea Fabrics.  Honestly, all thats left is the Octopus and the Squishies at the top.

I'm leaving off the blackwork in the border and the coral above the palm-like trees.  I might add some fish in there instead.

And Finally, of course I have a Mirabilia Mermaid going.  This one is Waiting For Ships and she's on Seawitch Opalescent Belfast by Under the Sea Fabrics.

All of the pale blue threads you see are silk lame and she will be VERY sparkly when done.

So now for some future plans...  Stitch Maynia starts May First and while I don't plan to take the Mayniac to the extreme, I do plan to start 4 new projects.  I'm thinking I will do a new start each week.  The ones I've chose are:
Aprodite Mermaid by Mirabilia Designs
The Sea Hag by Plum Street Samplers
Summer Snapperland by Bent Creek
and the fourth is still an unknown.  I'm hoping something jumps out at me...

This month was the fourth annual Mirabilia Minions Retreat!  We had 166 Mirabilias on display.  Here are a few of the pics I took....

Sorry the pictures are so big but there is so much amazing finishes to see!

A group photo of everyone there.  We had a blast!

I was blessed at the retreat to receive this AMAZING quilt!  I already have a place I plan to put it on the wall!  Huge thank you to all the people who worked on it!  I Love it so much!

Close ups of each block:

And last, but not least, Nora Corbett designed a special pattern for the retreat.  I'm so pleased with her.  She's stitched on As You Wish by Under the Sea Fabrics and framed by Keepsakes Cross Stitch and Framing in Cincinatti, Ohio.

And that's all for now!  TTFN!

P.S. Here is a link to my Youtube/Flosstube channel.  I plan to add another video tonight...


  1. Oh wow! What a feast for the eyes your post is!
    Well done on your lovely finishes :o)
    I loved seeing the photos of the Mira retreat - saw you all on FB having a great time :o)
    The quilt is amazing... love the close up photos of the stitched squares - stunning!
    I am hanging out to go to the Aussie retreat in May next year.... long time to wait but it will be worth it :o)
    Thank you for sharing the gorgeous photos!
    Hugs xx

  2. Wow simply stunning! I love these long posts the quilt is gorgeous! Your stitching is beautiful and don't feel bad about the finishes lol I haven't finished one in two years!

  3. Fabulous pictures.....I noticed a conversion of Raven Queen to Malificent....any idea who may have conversion...I'd love to try this? Thanks for any suggestions