Tuesday, February 20, 2018

18 Months... Wow! So Long! But here's Little Red Barn...

 Hello All!  It's been almost 18 months since I posted.  I need to get better about posting but there ya go.  Last year I had  18 finishes including a ton of ornaments.  This year I aim to have the same.

I will sit down and sort pictures and I'll post a bunch of finishes and wips soon.  For now, Here's my finish of Little House Needlework's Little Red Barn from their new series Farmhouse Holiday.

It is stitched on Whimsical Winter Opal Edinburgh by Under the Sea Fabrics.  I used the called for colors except for the white.  Bamboo Classic Colorworks is the called for threads for the white and I used Anchor Bright White.  I also used white Wisper w88 for the sheep.

My Wooley Sheepies!

I adapted Diane's border for the whole series to work for the individual pieces.  Here is my adaptation of the border:

I used the colors that Diane used in her border, I just shortened it to work for the smaller ones.  If you want to see more of my finishes, I've been posting Flosstube videos on Youtube under the name Under the Sea Fabrics and I also post on Instagram @undertheseafabrics


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