Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day!

Hello Everyone!  For those in U.S. Government jobs, I hope you're enjoying your day off.  The husband is taking me to lunch in a little while. :)  I have to admit, I have not stitched on Persephone hardly at all this week.  I've finished all of part two of Deep Blue Sea, minus the Jessica Shells with Topiary Princess perle.  I'm also trying to get caught up with Part one now that all of my Glorianas are in.  Here is Part Two completed as of Saturday morning:

I really love the fabric!  The more I use it the more I like it!  Here is a picture as of this morning:

While I really love the Blue Grass and Blue Hawaii, I don't really like the Deep Blue Sea Gloriana.  According to the chart supply list and a couple of other websites, Deep Blue Sea is supposed to be a dark teal similar to DMC 3806.  Mine is exactly DMC 500.  I could have saved myself $7.50 on a skien of silk because it is exactly the same color as the DMC 500 with little to no variation.  I think I'm going to take a trip to the LNS this afternoon after lunch to find something a little more teal.  I just don't love the green and I don't care for working with Glorianas in general so switching the thread would be better all around. 

In other happy news, tomorrow I'm going to pick up my Shimmering Mermaid from the framer!  Super excited to get her done and on the wall!  I choose a thin gold frame similar to one of the kreiniks and I thought it looked great for her.  yay!

I'm close to 50 followers!  Yay!  When I reach 50, I'm going to give away a stitcher's eighth of my hand-dyed fabric to one of my followers.  Not sure what color yet.  I've been experimenting and I have several wonderful colors.

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  1. Hiya Leslie :D
    Your Part 2 looks fab! Definetly change the thread if your not happy with it!