Sunday, February 12, 2012

Updates and Ideas

Hello Everyone!  I made a lot of progress on Persephone this week.  I've finished the top half of her tail.  I'm almost done with the plastic surgery and the color conversion.  When she's closer to being done, I'll post it for anyone who wants it.

I really love how she's coming out.  I'll probably put her aside this week to work on a small project and play catch up on Deep Blue Sea.  Speaking of Deep Blue Sea, here it is:

Only 4 more tiny starfish to go!  And my Blue Hawaii Gloriana came in this week so I'm going to start filling it in.
This week, I found a beautiful hand-painted teacup from Thailand at Good Will.  Some of the treasures that end up there make me sad.  I'm planning to turn it into a pin cushion using a small design from Joan Elliott.  I dyed a scrap of linen to match the teacup and I think I got pretty close.

I wish the pics were better this week It is a dreary and cold day here in San Antonio and I didn't have very good light.  Well, TTFN!


  1. Love the teacup/pincushion idea. I don't have a creative bone in my body.
    Persephone's tail looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see her in person.
    But the cute little starfishies are still my favorites. :)