Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fabrics and Floss Tosses :)

Hello Everyone!  I'm super excited to show my progress on Persephone!  I've spent a lot of time with her this week!

I'm so close to being done I'm considering my next Mirabilia!  Floss Tosses aplenty today!  First, Merchant Mermaid.  I really want her to look like a vintage pub sign so I'm planning to stitch her on Ale by Picture this Plus.  Thanks to Amanda for recharting the words for me!

The next one I'm considering is Villa Mirabilia.  I love her dress!  I plan to stitch her on Fairy Forest Opalescent by the Crafty Kitten because I think the fabric and the very faint mottling won't detract from her very detailed dress.  It's also the only piece of fabric I have big enough for her!

The next one I'm considering is Enchanted Mermaid.  I'm stuck between Crystal Mirage and Crystal Meditation by Picture This Plus.  The colors shown are from the purple conversion I'm planning for her.  First, Crystal Meditation:

And this next one is Crystal Mirage:

I'm just not sure which one of those I want to stitch first! 

I spent some time this week dyeing fabrics!  I had a ton of fun!  Two of them are spoken for, but if you'd like to buy one of the top three, please let me know.  I'm selling them for $16 plus $2 shipping in the US.  For other countries, I'll charge shipping based on what the post office tells me.

This one is for my friend Vicki :

And this one is for my friend Cassie:

Thanks for sticking around for another long post, everyone!  TTFN!!!!


  1. Leslie, Your MotP is looking terrific so far! I love the floss toss for crystal meditation for EM. If you ever dye any 28 count opal lugana/evenweave let me know. I love the top photo of the fabrics that you dyed (the bright blue one).

  2. Your Mermie is looking fantastic! Love your floss tosses! For Em I would pick the top toss Crystal Meditation. Your fabrics are beautiful! I'd buy the top one but I'm on a diet :D

  3. Actually the top two :D They are gorgeous!!

  4. Persephone looks wonderful. I think Crystal Mirage looks better for Enchanted Mermaid. The colours look so much brighter on it which would make it pop compared to Crystal Meditation which the purples kinda blend in. The fabrics you dyed are gorgeous!


  5. I was going to put merchant mermaid on ale too....what colour did you re art the words? Love your fabrics