Thursday, August 7, 2014

An Absolutely Wicked Finish!

So, I've made no secret of the fact that I'm a SLOOOOOOOOOW stitcher.  So when this beauty stitched up so quickly I was rather proud of myself.  I think it definitely re-ignited my mojo.  You can tell my mojo has been dimishing because it's been nearly two months since I posted.  This is a color conversion of Nora Corbett's Bewitching Pixie Ana. So here she is, my Elphaba:

She's stitched on Hurricane 28 ct Opalescent Lugana from Under the Sea Fabrics.  The colors in her dress were converted from Olive Green to red and her skin was changed to witchy greens.  My Sister from another Mister, Karen, helped me out A LOT by charting the Flying Monkey and Ruby Slippers for me.

And a few close ups:

The Ruby Red Slippers (Stitched in Kreinik for extra sparkle)

The Swarovski Crystal Skull (In my little world, Dorothy never made it out of Oz!):

And here Flying Monkey Companion (I named him Kenny because Kenny enabled me to stitch her and because I finished her on his Birthday!)

Of course, the conversion details and the charts for the flying monkey and the slippers are available in a tab at the top of this page.

Many thanks to Kenny, Julie, Melinda and Karen for enabling me to start and finish her!


  1. Absolutely stunning!!!!! I am starting her next week!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you !!!!

  2. What a fantastic conversion! She looks amazing. I'm saving this one for sure!

  3. You are one of THE most amazing stitchers I have ever seen. It's not only this project, either. The frames you find for your Mermaids and the unique things you think up to improve patterns. :)

  4. Oooohhhhh I love her, she's a gorgeous green, and the monkey is so clever. Congrats on finishing such a wonderful piece. I think I need to have this one jump into my stash. :)

  5. This is so beautiful, who would have thought that green skin could look so lovely?

  6. Absolutely LOVE this one !!! I'm coping the conversion and heading to order the pattern !!!