Thursday, October 9, 2014

FINISHED Finishes and a Few WIP Pics.

Hello All!

I feel like I've been stitching up a storm!  I have THREE active WIPs!  I blame my friends Kenny and Andrea.  I also got two pieces back from the finisher!  Yay!

Here is Buttercup AKA Enchanted Mermaid back from Jill Rensel.  LOVE how she came out and I have her hanging in a spot so I can see her from my stitchy spot.  Thank you again to all of my friends who contributed!

And here is Elphaba AKA Ana back from my finisher.  She is finished into a stand alone cube and I love her!  You can email me at the profile email if you'd like the name and email of my finisher, Diana.

And onto the WIPs!  I couldn't very well stitch Elphaba the Wicked and not stitch Glenda the Good.  So here's my modest start on her.  Karen helped me again with the crown and I'll post the chart and color conversion when she's finished.

This is Sunflower Fairy from the September 2009 issue of Cross Stitch and Needlework.  She's so cute and tiny!

This is the most recent pic I've taken of Mermaid Undine but I'm quite a bit further.  She could be done in a week or two if I wasn't distracted by Glenda and Sunflower Fairy.

Well, that's it for now!  TTFN!


  1. Buttercup is stunning!!!! I love all of your WIP's and can't wait to see more!!!!!

  2. Buttercup looks absolutely gorgeous in that frame! Lovely stitching as always :)

  3. beautiful framing, love your stitching

  4. I love all of the Bewitching Pixies conversions, they're just awesome. And I have to laugh at the finish, because I almost bought a few yards of that very fabric to make a tote bag out of!

    I love your Enchanted Mermaid, she is just absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous finishes and great work on your wips :)

  6. I am in love with your Buttercup finish, the framing by Jill is perfect for her. Love the cube finish too and your WIP's are great! I'm new to your blog but I'll be back often :)

  7. Gorgeous finishes! I love the details on the cube.
    Your WIPs look great.

  8. You help people like me, who just can not think of the color conversions that flow from your brain! I have already copied the green version of Ana. Right down to the crystal skull in her hand. I want to do Glinda ,too. There are not enough blondes in Nora's patterns! You truly are an inspiration, Leslie. Thank you!