Friday, August 10, 2012

A Stitcher's Journey Part 2: Greetings from Florida!

Hello All!  Yesterday we drove from Louisiana to Florida, where we will stay for the weekend.  I can't believe how much I missed The Husband and I'm looking forward to three days of the pool and the beach and some local shopping.  On the way here, I stopped at two cross stitch shops.

The first one was Acadian Corner in Metairie, LA.  The shop is wonderful and sweet with a lot of models and different fibers.

As my in-laws live in Metairie, I go to this shop every time we go visit.  They carry a lot of Mirabilia charts (my fav!) and there are a lot of models of different Miras on the wall.  I ended up buying an eighth of 32 opal Belfast, three packs of beads, and two cards of Wisper in lavender.

I'm so excited about the lavender Wisper because I was looking for just the right color Wisper for my Enchanted Mermaid purple conversion.  I even bought two just to make sure I had enough!

The second shop I visited was Threadneedle Street in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  The owner was super sweet and she carried a lot of Miras as well. 

The owner told me she had the new Mira Santa as a WIP and she had a lot of models on the wall.  I especially love this pillow she made from Under the Friendship Tree.

I ended up only buying two  patterns.  I could have spent my whole budget though!  I bought Queen Mermaid and Touching the Autumn Sky. 

I don't think there are any cross stitch shops near the beach we are staying at but I'm going to look!


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