Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Stitcher's Journey Parts 3 and 4: Greetings from Virginia!

Hello All!  I've finally made it to Virginia.  It took me 6 days total and I managed to visit 8 different cross stitch stores across 9 states as I travelled.  I had a lot of fun but it is good to be stopped for awhile!  I tried to post while I was stopped in South Carolina Monday night but the hotel wi-fi was acting up.  So this is going to be a LONG post filled with a lot of pics! 

The first (and only) cross stitch store I made it to Monday was Abecedarius in Marietta, Georgia.  The owner was very nice and had many Mirabilia models on the walls.  Unfortunately, she is recently recovering from an illness and was not very well stocked with Miras.  She had everything else though! Here are a couple of her models that she let me take pics of.

Crystal Symphony and Madonna of the Garden.  Her Crystal Symphony has really amped up my desire to start her and since yal voted for her as my next start, I'm hoping to get to work on her next week :)  She was working on Santa when I was there and he was almost done!  It was nice to see a mostly completed WIP of him!

Because she didn't have many Mirabilias, the only one she had that I didn't was Peony Garden so that is what I bought.  I'm thinking about changing the colors in her... hmm...

Tuesday morning I got up bright and early (well.... 10 am...) and went to my first shop in Mauldin, South Carolina called Panda's Crossing

It is just south of Greenville, SC and I LOVED this little shop!   The Beads!  She carried so many beads!  Miyukis!  Delicas!  Mill Hills!  Tohos!  I was in a bead wonderland!  And that is before you see the spinner racks of Mirabilias and other charts and the shelves of hand-dyed fabrics!  I could have spent my whole trip budget there!  She had a lot of models and my favorite was the bell pull she made from Mirabilia's Snow Days.

I ended up buying a lot of beads and the chart for Woodland Fairy.  I got 2 tubes of Miyukis, 3 bags of delicas, and one bag of petite Miyukis.  I also bought ten 3 3/4 inch tic tac top tubes.  I love these tubes for storing my beads and I was excited to find some.

The second place I stopped Tuesday was Stitch and Frame Shop in Rock Hill, SC.  This store was in an adorable little house!

I was super excited to see a finished Mermaid of the Pearls as she was charted.  I've only seen pics and my own finish which is NOTHING like the chart!

I ended up buying L*K's Bacon bits and a card of petite treasure braid.  It seems like every shop I went to was out of Bacon bits so I grabbed it when I saw it!

The last store I went to was Spring Robin in Saisbury, NC.  The owner, Robin, was very sweet but we got there 5 minutes before she closed and I didn't have a chance to really look around and I felt a little guilty when I didn't buy anything.

Here is the final pic of everything I bought this trip.  I won't need to buy any stash but DMC for awhile!

So now I'm settling in and can get back to stitching!  I finished the stitching on my Silver Moon Tea RR and I'm working on the beading now.  In a couple of days I should have a picture of actual stitching to show you!  Thank you again for following me on my journey!  TTFN!


  1. Don't you just LOVE all the models at Abecedarius? I don't think I've ever seen everything in there in one visit :) Some of us here north of Atlanta might have to make a road trip to Panda's Crossing - a few of us are beaders, too :)

  2. Wow, what a wonderful journey. You were very restrained with your shopping. Way to go girl! I loved seeing all the different things you saw.

  3. So glad you have arrived at your destination safe and sound!!! It looks like you had a lovely time stopping at shops along the way :).